Friday, January 20, 2006

Yeah, I'm still blogging...

It's been awhile since I last wrote. I let the hopelessness of this Country's condition get to me. I have good days and bad. Today's a bad.

I keep thinking about this rich kid I went to grade school with. Even at 6 years old, she walked around with an air of privilege. She got away with murder. She destroyed school property for kicks. She picked on the poor kids until they cried. She was mean. When she'd get caught, she'd say, "I didn't do it." And because her father was a big donater to the school, (Catholic school. They need money.) she always got away with it. Me and the other poor and middle-class kids learned to steer clear of her and when she'd hurt us, we'd say, "that's okay."

She's a mess now. Three marriages, lots of plastic surgery, lots of alcohol going down her throat. She doesn't seem happy. I suppose her karma caught up with her.

Karma. I believe in karma. I have to believe in karma. I have to believe this administration's karma will catch up with them. But every day, as the Democratic party takes their lumps and says, "that's okay," it gets harder and harder to believe in.