Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I need a pick-me-up.

Yeah, another day filled with nothing but bad news and worse bad news. Another hurricane is on the way and another member of the Bush Administration has been arrested. They're doing something about the hurricane and absolutely nothing about the arrest. The Bush team just gets deeper and deeper in doo doo and they keep coming out smelling like roses! So posted something that always brings me a smile and a chuckle. I hope you like it too.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Today's List

What’s bugging me today? Let’s see….

• My job
• Rita Cosby’s voice (oh my god! How can anyone listen to her?)
• My body’s inability to translate my reduction in calories into weight loss.
• My ever-expanding ass! (See above)
• My job, again
• But mainly what’s bugging me today is…

It may be time to gather up our torches, picks and axes and storm the White House!

Karl Rove is going to be in charge of the rebuilding of New Orleans. Does no one see a problem with that? He will rebuild it all right. It will be whiter, richer and nothing like it was. We have paid mercenaries patrolling the streets taking guns away from licensed owner. Now, I’m not gun person, (I think weapons are the root of all evil--one root anyway,) but I am a bill of rights and amendments person and this is a violation of those.

Everyday I wake, hoping that today will be the day that this administration’s evil will be exposed and removed. Everyday I wake and find that nothing has changed. And the evils are exposed; they’re right there out in the open and yet this administration remains in power. The smiling idiot, who stole two presidential elections and is leading our country and our world into damnation, is still there.

The frustrating thing is, we are the ones in charge. We the people. We have the power and they know we have the power that’s why they lie to us. That’s why propaganda is necessary.

Fundamentalist religions keep their women subjugated because the men know it’s the women who have the power. The only way to control them is to keep them uneducated and in birkas. That’s what this administration is doing to “we the people.” They’ve put us into a birka and we’re allowing it

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Family Values

This picture shows why this Administration is a master at propaganda. Look at them! Doesn't it just remind you of the days of Camelot? Of Jack and Jacqueline? Isn't that little girl adorable with the bow in her hair? So what if no little girl has worn a bow on her head in that way since the 1940's? How can anyone think John Roberts would be bad for this country? Look at him with his children! So what if he wants to limit the rights of women, minorities and the poor in this country? Aren't they just the cutest family? So clean and wholesome and white.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Me and My Big Mouth

So I'm over at the Raw Story website getting the latest news and I notice this ad. Now maybe I was in a bad mood to begin with but this struck me as rather bad taste. So, because I was already in a mood, I clicked on the ad and contacted him via email. He wrote me back! At first, I felt awful. This man lost his brother in 9/11!. I'd only watched the horror on TV, he'd been directly affected. But I've thought about it, discussed it with a few friends and now I still feel chagrined but I also still feel the ad is kinda tacky.

Here's the correspondence:
This is what I wrote to him:

Subject: Information Inquiry

You seem to be very qualified to run for office and I'm very glad you
are a Democrat, but I would hope you would reconsider the ad you are
posting on such sites as Raw Story. Identifying yourself as a "9/11
family member" in your ads reminds me of the way this Administration
repeatedly uses 9/11 whenever they need to bend us to their will.
Voters should vote on a candidate's abilities. Please don't use a
national tragedy as a qualifier.
Thank you,

This is Mr. Rice's reply:

Thanks for your opinion. You are correct that it is a sensitive message to
highlight how I was impacted by 9/11 in a political ad, although I do not
agree that it is "inappropriate", and I strongly disagree that it is even
remotely akin to how the Bush Administration has exploited the event that
killed my brother. I must say that I am offended that you compare this to
how they have dramatically exploited the deaths of 9/11, deaths they failed
to prevent.

It is highlighted in the blog ad. for 2 reasons:

1)- we made the ad the way we did to attract progressives from outside of
Oklahoma to be interested in a local race here, not unlike why people all
over the country we're interested in Paul Hackett's race in Ohio last month.
If it were just "Andrew Rice running for State Senate in Oklahoma" there
would be little to no interest. But to many progressives, 9/11 changed
politics and policy in this country, and they understandably would be
interested in a normal person affected by 9/11 who is reacting to it in a
way that is intended to better the system...similar to how people are pulled
toward Cindy Sheehan.

I do have some exposure to people outside of Oklahoma because of the work
I've been involved in around 9/11 national issues, particularly as a board
member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Why is it ok for us Peaceful Tomorrows members to do advocacy work as 9/11
victims and not ok for me to run for office as a family member?


2)- my personal response to 9/11 and the political/policy impact it has had
on my life is a direct and personal reason why I now find myself running for
political office. The page on my site that we link to should make that
clear. It is very relevant to why I am running.

I am not a politician, I am a normal person who has been offended by how
this government has used 9/11 to dismantle constitutional rights and
disparage our reputation around the world. And that is the central reason I
am running. There is a congresswoman on Long Island who successfully ran for
Congress after he husband was shot to death on the Long Island Railroad
massacre in the 1990s, on a platform of gun control.....was she exploiting
gun control? Or her husband's death?

Andrew Rice
Democratic Candidate, Oklahoma State Senate
District 46


tel. 405.823.5264

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hello? Have you had enough yet?

With the arrogant ease of the frat rat he is, this Bush a-hole is acting as though he had absolutely nothing to do with this disaster. Our Country is falling apart. We are witnessing the truth behind the curtain. Our infrastructure has been robbed. We have been robbed and I would hope now that all those idiots who voted for this privileged pig because he seemed like, "a good guy you could have a beer with," will realize that this guy would walk on your dying body to avoid getting his shoes dirty.

This article says, "it's time for symbolic gestures..." and propaganda is the strong suit of this White House, but this time I don't think sticking American Flags on your car and on suit lapels is going to cut it. Arrogance may prove to be the Achilles heel of this Administration. Bush is still strutting around waiting for the maids to clean up his mess, but not this time. If this doesn't wake up this Country, I will lose heart, but I will never lose hope.