Monday, August 29, 2005

They actually pay this woman to write!

Hey, can I have Sally Jenkins job? If all it takes is coming up with a ridiculous topic and spinning it into a lot of words that add up to a pile of steaming you know what, I'm you're gal.
Come on! Am I suppose to seriously consider an argument for intelligent design based on athletes innate abilities? Gee, I'm sure the Third Reich thought the same thing about their "master race" theory.

Sally asks, "Crackpot speculation?" Let's see. No scientific evidence, in fact, no scientific anything, just a feeling of something too unknowable to know. Based on that I'd say, Yes, Sally, It is "crackpot speculation."

I believe ID (idiotic design) IS a form of sly creationism, a set of ideas that discourage thought!
Yes, the universe is more than we mere mortals can ever understand but that doesn't mean we should stop using our god given minds to keep trying.

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Sam Houston said...

See teleological argument, part one section one.