Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hello? Have you had enough yet?

With the arrogant ease of the frat rat he is, this Bush a-hole is acting as though he had absolutely nothing to do with this disaster. Our Country is falling apart. We are witnessing the truth behind the curtain. Our infrastructure has been robbed. We have been robbed and I would hope now that all those idiots who voted for this privileged pig because he seemed like, "a good guy you could have a beer with," will realize that this guy would walk on your dying body to avoid getting his shoes dirty.

This article says, "it's time for symbolic gestures..." and propaganda is the strong suit of this White House, but this time I don't think sticking American Flags on your car and on suit lapels is going to cut it. Arrogance may prove to be the Achilles heel of this Administration. Bush is still strutting around waiting for the maids to clean up his mess, but not this time. If this doesn't wake up this Country, I will lose heart, but I will never lose hope.

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