Friday, November 11, 2005

Boy, are they gonna be surprised

When Pat Robertson kicks the bucket, he and his kind are in for a rude surprise when they find heaven is not the exclusive millionaires club they imagined but a place that doesn't allow him and his kind past its pearly gates. "Pardon me?" Pat will say, "doesn't he know who I am?" Yeah, he does, that's why you're not getting in.
Har-de-har-har! The look on their faces will be priceless

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Sam Houston said...

Beware, LBG. Judgment on this plane is perilous per se. I tend to agree with the tenor of your message but my Catholic training will not allow me to accept the proposition of denial of paradise to even the most judgmental swine who are truly repentent of their sins. Can we relegate them to standing outside and shaking the gates or are we better served by greeting even the worst of us with love?