Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Don't Piss Down My Leg and Tell Me it's Raining...

When Hillary Clinton speaks of her "from behind" victory in Indiana, she once again shows us she is an accomplished graduate of the Karl Rove School of Crap. She was never "behind" in Indiana. She was always expected to win. But she was expected to win by much more than she did. That fact she conveniently left out of her ridiculous, "on to the White House!" victory speech.

They lie to our faces and they get away with it because:
1. We're sheep.
2. We're innocent and trusting.
3. We've been programmed to trust those in authority (or on TV).
4. We're sheep.

If elected, she will continue to lie to our faces and the duplicitous media will continue to cover it as fact.
Just don't tell me it's raining.

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