Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We ain't so dumb anymore....

The "journalists" of today are experiencing a rude awakening. In the past 8 years, the "press" has been staffed with sub-standard, sub-intelligent reporters. The equivalent of the Bob Jones University graduates that made up Bush's Department of Justice, (knuckleheads) sit at the news desks of all the major networks. The intelligent and sensible questions of a Bill Moyers has been replaced with the ridiculous innuendos of Katie Couric. These networks have been very successful at passing off their "news" programs as "intelligent journalism," but now, faced with Barack Obama, they're finding out that their junior high school level of journalism is no match for an intelligent, rational and telegenic Democrat.
Watch as this FOX wannabe tries to do the old, "I'm going to ask stupid questions to try and trip you up and then the network will notice me and hire me and I'll be bigger than Bill O'Reilly!" question route. It is to laugh.

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