Friday, September 07, 2007

Big Bloated Blowhards

I have had it with Fred Thompson! I've had it with all of the ass kissing Republicans and their propanganda that seeks to destroy this country! They don't like dissent because it threatens them! They don't like people to have their freedom because it threatens them!
In this article, Freddie, as he was known before his father-in-law at the time told him he had to change his name if he wanted to go into politics, this was the father of his high school girlfriend whom he got pregnant and married when he was seventeen....anyway, in this article, Freddie, "repeatedly warned against the perils of a "weak and divided" nation, raised the specter of unspecified terrorists with suitcase bombs, and expressed a willingness to employ nuclear weapons against Iran."
Same old M.O. Scare the sheep and they will do anything you tell them to and damn them if it doesn't work. When did we become this nation of wussies?

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