Saturday, September 15, 2007

My week in front of the TV

Let's see....
MONDAY: I watched HGTVs HOUSE HUNTERS and DESIGNED TO SELL. I watch these shows everyday when I get home from work. Why? I don't know. I guess it's something about having choices and taking action but I'll leave that to my shrink to figure out. Then I watched the season finale of THE CLOSER. Pretty good show. Pretty good finale. No cliff hangers, which was unusual. I tried to watch the Holly Hunter show that comes on afterwards, SAVING GRACE, but I just cannot get into it. I love Holly Hunter but I just don't like Grace. What makes her so special that God sends her an angel? What about me! If I develop a drinking and sleeping with married men problem will God send an angel to help me, too?
The last straw with this show, was a scene I caught a couple of weeks ago. This actor, don't know his name but you'd recognize him if you saw him, in face he's in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 as the manager of the resort. (I didn't watch the whole thing;it's unbearable. I only watched enough to acquaint myself with a popular culture phenomenon, but I saw this actor in it.) Anyway, this actor is playing some friend of Grace's who's has to put his beloved cat to sleep. He shows up at Grace's drunk and depressed about his cat. Grace wants to comfort him but the only way she knows how is to strip naked, straddle and seduce him on her living room floor. It was an uncomfortable scene to watch, especially since this guy always plays the nerdy dad or neighbor and I'd just seen him in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, for God's sake! And now I see his paunchy white gut naked, while he rolls around on the floor with an equally naked Holly Hunter? No thanks.

TUESDAY:I watched SCI FI's, EUREKA. It was pretty good last season, but this season has been uneven. They're trying to develop a continuing storyline but it's been very unsatisfying. Last season's finale suggested things that would happen in the future but this season seems to be ignoring all of those events. And where is Matt Frewer? He was a big part of last season and he's only been in one episode this season and then he disappeared. Weren't he and Jo supposed to continue their tentative romance? Instead they've paired Jo with a generic good looking actor who's BORING and a bad actor. And where's Deborah Farentino? She's the evil spy but she's disappeared too, though she turns up in flashbacks. She's part of the this "developing storyline" yet she's gone. What? They couldn't afford her? She didn't like Canada? STOOPID and yet I watch.

WEDNESDAY: Speaking of stoopid, Wednesday is more SCI FI Channel and GHOSTHUNTERS. The most aggravating show on TV. They never find anything! Well, I take that back, on a couple of shows, they've found "something," but mainly it's nothing but a lot of "did you hear that?" and "did you see that?" and "Dude, I swear, I saw a shadow, or something, overthere." There are usually some EVP's, paranormal voice recordings. These can be creepy sounding but it always bugs me because what I hear as breaths and grunts they always turn into ominous words. "I think it's saying, "Get out!" And they say this to the homeowner or whoever has asked them to come investigate their spooky sounds! Don't tell a person who thinks their house is haunted that you recorded a creepy voice telling them to 'GET OUT!' Nuts!
The lead investigators are Grant and Jason, the good cop, bad cop of the ectoplasmic world. I don't like Jason. He never smiles and is a hard ass and he's always the one who "interprets" what he thinks the EVP is saying. What is he, a sadist? Grant always goes along with whatever Jason says. The two of them always hint at why they became interested in the paranormal. They've both had "significant" encounters but they don't tell us what they are. Why not? Did the ghost tell you not to? After watching reruns of GHOSTHUNTERS, I realized I'd forgotten to watch RESCUE ME. Luckily, FX repeats it a lot, so I'll catch it later.

THURSDAY: I flipped through channels and didn't find anything interesting to watch.

FRIDAY:Usually, I watch TLC's, WHAT NOT TO WEAR, but it was a rerun, so I watched VH1's, ROCK OF LOVE. I hate this show but I can't look away. Bret Michaels constantly wears a kerchief around his head cause it's his "signature look." But I think it's cause of, "thinning hair."
In this episode, Bret Michaels narrows the list of ladies, or "ladies" down to three. They go to Vegas and two of them get fall down drunk, then Bret spends two different nights with two different girls. I don't get it? Did he have sex with them? Is that in the contract they sign to be on the show? STOOPID but highly entertaining. Next week we meet the parents of the girls and the previews looked "white trashy" good!

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